A Word From The Management

Hi Foods is a General Trading Company and a part of Sadita, a Holding Company having a branches all over the World. In January 2014, Food Choice joint it and took over the operation in a good will to benefit our strategies and tactics. Food Choice with its leading and most esteemed brands, has born to set the quality standards for Food Service, Retail, Bakery-Pastry and growing demand for Gourmet Specialty. Over course of years and evolution, we have emerged with a SOLUTION to simplify the creation and imagination for most of the discriminated professionals in developing their unique recipe to satisfy their customers. Our standing Culinary vision, Splendid services and exquisite office and facilities are key of our success.

Mr.Marwan Fares



Hi Food was established in 2012 in UAE which part of Sadita Holding company that has its branches all over the world. In January 2014, Food Choice joint Hi Food as a Step by step aim is to provide the quality, SOLUTION and Solidarity in the food world. An undated will have motivated us for sourcing platform for High Quality Food to satisfy the huge market demand for food services, Horeca, Hotels, Bakery-Pastry, Catering, Coffee shops, Juice Bars and retail sector with a unique style; by focusing on consumer demand and life style.


Increasing value for our brands and customers by continuously innovating and combining efforts with staff experience.


Continuously grasping every opportunity in order to:

Establish domestic competitive positioning and to expand regionally. - Be positioned among the top players in the UAE market.